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August 2, 2016

The Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

In a real estate market in which supply is higher than demand, anyone can often sell a house faster by lessening the price. But there are other methods of enhancing a home’s attractiveness aside from that. If you’re considering selling your home in a less than warm real estate market, below are tips on generating interest and getting the best price possible:

Stand out from the pack.

To be more attractive and memorable and increase your home’s value, invest in custom designs or additions, like landscaping or a new roof. Don’t go too far though. Do some research and place your money into improvements that will probably fetch you the best return. For example, a new roof will give you a lower return than a bathroom remodel.
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Take the clutter out.
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It is important to take out all clutter from the home before you show it to potential buyers, who will want to be able to imagine themselves in the house. This may include putting away your personal stuff such as family photos, or removing some furniture so that rooms look a lot bigger. You might even consider hiring a stager for help.

Offer perks.

Another method of selling your house fast is offering perks. For example, pay the full amount of the closing costs, or at least part of it. Offer a one-year, $300-$400 transferable home warranty for appliances that fail, or say you want the home sold in a month’s time or two. There are buyers are motivated by a quick deal.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Very often, sellers neglect the weight of a home’s curb appeal. The first thing people will see is the home’s external appearance and how it melds with its surroundings. Make sure your home’s exterior has a fresh coat of paint, and hire someone to give bushes and lawn a nice manicure. In the business of real estate, appearances matter a lot. Nothing works better to set your home apart than to increase its attractiveness at first glance.

Get your home in move-in condition.

Aesthetics are very important, as well as appliances and doors, and electrical and plumbing fixtures that are in working condition and compliant with present building codes. Again, you want your home to be in move-in condition, and to give people the impression that all they have to do is move instead of spending time and cash on repairs.

Set your price right.

Finally, it’s not always important to be the cheapest priced home in the area, especially when you have made aesthetic and other significant improvements. But you can’t make your listing price completely out of line with other comparable houses in the market. Try putting yourself in a buyer’s shoes and then figure out what a good price may be. This is probably the best reason to use an real estate agent – to set a price that is cheap enough to lure in buyers yet high enough to be profitable for you.